The Now

“The price of greatness is the responsibility over each of your thoughts.” – Winston Churchill

Living in the moment and I mean truly living in the moment is challenging.
Presently (pun intended) I am working on freeing my mind of wasted, useless thoughts and taking advantage of every minute I am here. Why? Because I want to be at peace with myself, nourish my relationships with others, and maximize my productivity and make a boat load of cash.

We can all do it (positive affirmations are important). Yes We Can! (haven’t heard that in a while) but it’s not easy – especially when you are new to the game. Being in the now is much easier when your mind is free of cluttered, negative thoughts. Once you take command of the recycled negative thought patterns (aka making your thoughts your bitch) that swirl incessantly through your mind, you are better able to enjoy what you’re doing which ultimately leads to greater productivity, fulfillment and happiness.

After reading the The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma I ascertained that I am no monk. It also gave me the realization that I can gain complete control over what I can control. A long-time friend of mine recommended it to me and I recommend this book to you, regardless of where you may be in life.

I am nowhere near mastering “the rituals of radiant living” but I am on the right path. Practicing Buddhist principles seems to work pretty well for Phil Jackson, so I thought I would give it a shot.

I leave you with this mind numbing question: What number is greater?

a)Famous quotes by Winston Churchill
b)Number of women Wilt Chamberlin slept with

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