Good Timing

 Scenario One

I arrive to the theatre and rush to the ticket line because I’ve been dying to see this movie. Apparently so has everyone else. The excessively jolly woman behind the glass informs me that she literally just sold the LAST two tickets and had I shown up a few seconds earlier I would be in luck. First thought: bad timing. Second thought: Why in the hell are ticket distributors secured behind a glass like they’re the Pope? These people are given more security than bank tellers. What does this say about movie goers?

Scenario Two

I’m in a NYC Starbucks and by happenstance run into this cute girl who I know from undergrad. We’re both a little stunned that we happen to cross paths in a city that holds over 8 million people. We sit down, shoot the breeze for a bit, and agree to meet for dinner later in the week. First thought: boo ya! Second thought: Good timing.

I would like to buy a coffee for the person who coined the phrase timing is everything. It’s true in so many ways. A good joke, a nice move on the football pitch, a job offer, a meeting between soul mates – all have elements of good timing.

Is there a way to acquire good timing? To a degree, yes.

There is the natural, innate kind of timing that really cannot be taught. A merciless shot blocker or a great comedian has this gift.

Good timing can also be the result of hard work, preparation, and learned experience. Had I finished making dinner slightly earlier I probably would have scored tickets to the movie.

And there is also the luck element which is out of everyone’s control.  When it’s on our side it’s great, but I’m not depending on it.

Before the internet exploded, some people invested in Google because they liked the name, others with a sound understanding of the market invested after doing thorough research. Both had good timing.

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