Ms. Kim gets Verbose

I woke up this morning to an unusually wordy email from Ms. Kim. To my delight, she gave me a detailed itinerary for my trip and instructions for when I arrive in Korea.

Here is a snapshot of my itinerary. It took me a while to figure out exactly how long my flight is because of the huge time difference between Eastern ST in the States and Korea (13 hours) and because I am numbers illiterate. Basically, Korea is more than a half day ahead of the US, which means once I’m there I will be able to predict the future for Americans.

Wednesday September 29

(1)    Depart Syracuse Hancock International Airport at 6:46 EST. Two hour flight and one hour difference means…

(2)    Arrive to Chicago O’Hare International Airport  at 7:52 CST (5 hr layover aka visit to the bar)

Thursday September 30

Depart at 1:00 am …In the air for 14 straight hours! I’m not ruling out getting blood clot. Add on 14 hour time difference between Chicago and Korea and I arrive in Seoul …

Friday October 1

(3)    Arrive at Seoul Incheon International Airport at 5:00 am

This is where it gets interesting …

Ms. Kim informed me, in short, minimalist prose, that I will be meeting Jared at the Incheon Airport. Jared will be teaching English at the same Avalon school in Daegu as me. We are arriving at the same time, but I don’t think we will be on the same flight (I don’t know where Jared is from). I suppose I will look for a young western looking guy who is as equally lost and wide-eyed as I will be.  

My new co-worker and I will meet Mr. Kang at 7:30 am on the first floor at Gate # 10. Apparently, Mr. Kang will call Ms. Kim when we all meet up. I was hurt to find out that Ms. Kim will talk on the phone with Mr. Kang rather than sending quick-fire-emails like she does with me, but it is what it is*. Mr. Kang will then assist us with checking into our domestic flights to Daegu. For some reason I am envisioning Mr. Kang  much like Mr. Han, the villain with a claw hand in Bruce Lee’s final film, Enter the Dragon. If he does happen to have a claw or paw or hook I am mentally prepared for it and I promised myself I will not stare.

Mr. Han doing what he does best.

J-Dog and I will be leaving Seoul at 8:30 to …

(4)    Arrive at Daegu Airport at 9:25 am (only a 55 minute flight? Yes, please).

From here, a teacher from Avalon school will be waiting to pick us up …

* I did score Ms. Kim’s number in case of a mix-up.


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