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Nobody thought it would happen. Many felt it was impossible. I, myself, even began to question the feasibility…

Readers, it is with my great pleasure to announce that the seemingly unattainable has been, well, attained. As of today this blog is now officially on The Korean Blog List, a website that is a compilation of English language blogs related to Korea by Koreans and foreigners. What does this mean for you? Nothing, unless of course you are now reading Circumstantial Evidence as a result of perusing The Korean Blog List. If that is the case I simultaneously welcome you and warn you. This blog is not for the easily offended, morbidly obese, or those who like country music. I will guarantee  that you will find this blog  deeply rewarding and incredibly entertaining if you meet at least one of the following requirements:

a)  have good taste

b) open-minded

c) living in South Korea or interest in living in South Korea

d) curious nature

e) interest in teaching

f) fan of women, current events, and/or NBA

I would also like to take a minute to assure my readers who have been with me from the very start (one month) that the fundamental nature of this blog will not change just because I have arrived on the big stage. I will still offer the same content, style, and voice that you have come to love.  It takes a rare person of great character to stay true when bestowed with grand commendation and I can humbly say that this is something that comes natural to me. When Michael Jordan starting winning Championships he didn’t abandon the very thing that raised him and his team to that level. No, he continued to do the little things that got him there. I pledge to take this same approach. Just because my blog is now featured on The Korean Blog List doesn’t make it better than other blogs out there. It would be silly to suggest something so superficial and presumptuous. Rather it is the eloquence and relevance that makes these posts glow.

Disclaimer: You’re blog will appear on The Korean Blog List if you merely write about  Korea on a somewhat consistent basis. In no way does the quality of writing or level of insight decide if your blog meets the necessary requirements.


Light show at Suseong Reservoir.


Recent observations:

  • The stench that emits from the sewers in Daegu is something repulsive and sickening. The foul-smelling odor must easily eclipse that of a rotting corpse that is left in the sun. I have now gotten into the habit of holding my breath when I pass over a sewer vent. The transportation system in Daegu is impressive, the sewer system is as equally unimpressive.
  • While eating out at a restaurant that my fellow coworkers call ‘Moms’ because the server has the innate motherly care and touch, I saw the second fist-fight between two highly inebriated  guys in a matter of four days. These guys were enjoying a meal with each other alfresco when suddenly tempers flared. While younger than the middle-aged men I saw fighting on Saturday they were less successful at landing mushes, punches, and off-balanced kicks. Five minutes after they went at it they could be seen sitting together, arm around the other, chatting it up. Who says a quick scrap isn’t the best form of mediation?
  • We also frequent a restaurant that my co-workers call ‘Dads’. ‘Moms’ serves beef and ‘Dads’ specializes in pork. I prefer beef, but I give  ‘Dads’ the edge over ‘Moms’ because ‘Dad’ hooked us up with free baked potatoes and jumbo shrimp my only time there.
  • Korean people are some of the most accommodating and friendly people you will meet. Despite witnessing several alcohol charged scraps I feel incredibly safe in Daegu. Some people give me candy as I pass them on the street and I recently received a beautiful oven mitt from a restaurant owner.
  • One of my students’ favorite shows is The Simpson’s.  He has the early leg up for being my favorite student. Though he is in direct competition with a friendly little dude who follows the Lakers.


Preview for upcoming blog post: Last week of teacher training


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